The Pollinate Flowers Production Garden

We Work Together

Our Dundee Hills garden is a haven for more than one thousand species of plants. Over the years, we have developed a perennial ecosystem that surrounds our no-till, compost-mounded production beds. This ecosystem provides a habitat for life of all kinds throughout the entire year. Bacteria, fungi, microbes, worms, insects, frogs, snakes, birds, and more work together to create balance in the garden, preventing large outbreaks of any particular species.

Always Striving for Balance

We don’t use any chemical or organic pesticides or fungicides in our garden as we are continually trying to increase the biodiversity of insects and fungi species. In addition, we focus heavily on mineralizing the soil by adding organic elements to our garden. This brings the soil into a balance that allows the plants to access all the nutrients they need to build healthy cells, healthy immunities, and beautiful blooms. In our garden, this means additions of limestone, kelp, feather meal, gypsum, and rock dust, as well as mycorrhizae fungi.

These practices ensure that our flowers are beautiful, long-lasting, and always chemical free!