Seasonal & Sustainable

Pollinate Flowers designs unique, seasonal floral arrangements using the freshest, locally grown stems whenever possible.

We focus on creating a cultivated, foraged aesthetic that looks like Oregon.

Jeremi, our Certified Floral Designer, often uses unique flower species in his designs, creating beauty that changes as the seasons pass.

Our sustainable floral design practices include not foraging flowers from wild spaces and not using plastic-based floral foam in any of our designs.

Currently offering delivery to: Milwaukie, Oregon (97222)

Ready for spring 🌸

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This handsome florist skips the red roses to create cottage garden inspired magic on Valentines. ✨

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Tonight on the runway, category is: Daddy Cupid.

Serving gays with flowers & Valentine dreams. 💘

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…and 60 years after the home was built, and the lawn planted, the property fell into the hands of a garden gnome in need of a new garden to call home…

So excited to begin this new project. ✨

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A huge shout out + thank you to Marque and Cody, owners of Purple Hands Winery in Dundee. Purple Hands has supported our small business for many years, and each week you’ll find our seasonal blooms at both their downtown Dundee and their estate vineyard tasting rooms. 🍇

They make beautiful wines and everyone on their staff is so kind and welcoming. A must stop when exploring the best of the Dundee Hills. ✨


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Tired but happy face after two days of moving compost. Back at it again tomorrow. Say goodbye to the lawn and hello to our new urban cut flower garden! 🌻🌻🌻

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Celebration of life wreath bringing that winter warmth.

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“Gays get shit done.” -Farm Daddy @blokepdx 

The most incredible selection of ceramic pottery has just been unloaded in Portland. 💪

Spring dreaming is officially in season and this garden magic will be available beginning February 3rd at Bloke at 820 N. Russell ✨🌿🌷

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A huge shout out + thank you to Erin, Brandie, Ben & the entire amazing team at the Atticus Hotel in downtown McMinnville! 🙏 @atticushotel 

Jeremi’s floral designs have welcomed guests to the Atticus on their front desk for a few years now and each holiday season he helps deck the lobby with warm winter magic. Small biz supporting small biz week after week and we really appreciate it!! ❄️

Take it from us, the folks working at the Atticus Hotel are truly some of the nicest humans around so make sure to book your stay here in the heart of Oregon wine country next time you’re visiting McMinnville. It’s an absolutely adorable space. ✨

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BIG DAY in Milwaukie!!! The very first dump truck of compost delivered to our new home! 🌲

22 yards of plant debris compost that will be used in conjunction with farm-grade biodegradable paper rolls to smother our sunny lawn in preparation for the Portland area’s newest regenerative urban flower garden. No tilling or sod removal required, simply mulching in place. 🌷

We have already removed a few shrubs and finished one section of garden on the backside of the property. But we have several more overgrown shrubs to remove and LOTS of compost to spread. 

We are also amending the soil (which has been kept as lawn for at least 60 years) with naturally occurring powders like kelp, limestone, and gypsum. These powders add minerals that the soil in our area is deficient in. Think of the powder as food for the whole food web of microbes & fungi living in the soil. Feeding the microbial life in the soil begins the process of turning decades old suburban lawn into living garden soil. And that means healthy plants which means beautiful, chemical free flowers and textures for our designs.

When our new Milwaukie garden is complete, it will cover about a quarter of an acre. The design focus is perennial floral cutting garden/flower forest, mid-century cottage garden vibes with a major focus on PNW native plant species, particularly in the under plantings. There will also be lots of edible & medicinal species mixed in. 🌿

Stay tuned as we build the brand new Pollinate Flowers regenerative garden! 😁

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