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Grown in Oregon

Our Production Garden

Our Dundee Hills flower farm is a garden haven for more than one thousand species of plants. Over the years, we have developed a perennial ecosystem that surrounds our no-till, compost-mounded production beds.

We don’t use any chemical or organic pesticides or fungicides in our garden as we are continually trying to increase the biodiversity of insects and fungi species. In addition, we focus heavily on mineralizing the soil by adding organic elements to our garden.

These practices ensure that the blooms and textures we grow on our farm are beautiful, long-lasting, and grown without any chemicals!

Farm tours are back for 2022!

Inspired by Oregon

Our Design Inspiration

Pollinate Flowers designs unique, seasonal floral arrangements using stems from our Dundee Hills farm and other local flower growers.

We focus on creating a cultivated, foraged aesthetic that looks like Oregon.

Jeremi, our Certified Floral Designer, often uses Pacific NW native plants and other perennial species in his designs creating beauty that changes as the seasons pass.

Our sustainable floral design practices include not foraging flowers from wild spaces and not using floral foam in any of our designs.

Order a Seasonal Arrangement
The audacity of a human being to tell another human being that their LOVE for someone is a sin. A sin against the dude who preached unconditional love. Oof the mental gymnastics of it all honnneyy!! I’m dizzy and sooo confused.

LOVE IS LOVE IS LOVE. That’s the message of Jesus. That’s it. It’s that simple. He was killed for preaching love is love. Let’s consider/work/pray on that friends & followers! LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY and you will know truth!! 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

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For too many queer humans, being in love means that even after almost 13 years in a beautiful relationship, certain self-righteous, blood family relatives will still say to your face that your love for each other is a sin. 

This week, our gay love was included in a blood family member’s religious bigotry. Even after all we have done to show our blood family that our love is valid.

Only evil seeks to destroy love. Religious bigotry is evil.

Queer love is more magical than the religious bigots will ever know. 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

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Continually impressed by this handsome guy. I love growing beautiful flowers for you, Jeremi, and it is an absolute honor to watch you bloom into such a sexy man. 🌹

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We’re getting so excited for this weekend’s Wine Country Pride festivities….and it’s going to be sunny!! ☀️

Check out the line up and join the fun!

Friday, June 24:
- Queer Wine Fest at Remy Wines at 6pm @remywines

Saturday, June 25:
- Fresh Air Movement Pride morning pop-up at The Bindery in McMinnville; 10am @freshairmvmnt @binderyevents 

- FREE Public Pride Street Fair in McMinnville on Alpine Ave with vendors, performances, food, beverages and more from 12pm-8pm; all ages welcome!!

- Drag-Stravaganza 2022 at Mac Market in McMinnville at 8pm. We have some AMAZING performers coming for this show…you do not want to miss this line-up! Limited tickets left, get ‘em today before they sell out!! @macmkt 

Sunday, June 26:
- Morning Outdoor Yoga at Durant in the Dundee Hills at 8:30am led by the amazing instructor Rose of Boho Yoga @bohoyogastudio @durant_oregon 

- PFLAG Newberg Pride Parade and Picnic in downtown Newberg at 1:30pm @pflagnewberg 

- Dragstravaganza at Youngberg Hill Winery located just south of McMinnville from noon-2pm featuring the fabulous Nicole Onoscopi @nicoleonoscopi @youngberg_hill

PLUS Rainbow Quest continues all month long at over 50 local businesses throughout the valley, including gay owned K & M Wines in Carlton. @kandmwines 🥳

Please check out winecountrypride.com for more details on events, ticket links, and all the ways to get involved! Please direct any questions to winecountrypride@gmail.com so we can get them answered for you. 🌈

Happy Pride Wine Country!! 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

#lgbtqia #pridemonth #winecountrypride
Today we have an exciting and somewhat bittersweet announcement! 
In winter of 2020, when we first sat down to chat about opening a shop, none of us could have ever predicted where the world would be just two weeks after getting the keys to our little shop on March 1. With everything we knew about the world and our business flipped upside down in a matter of days, we spent many hours and months and now two years ‘pivoting’. As we move into this ‘new normal’, we’re working toward a business model that can be nimble, and adaptable to the changing world and social climate.

With these goals in mind, we are announcing that Saturday, June 11, 2022, will be Pollinate Flowers’ final day in our downtown Newberg shop. We are handing our keys over to Pam, owner of Little Lavender Shop & Farm. Pam will fill the shop with her local lavender products, plus she’ll be carrying our fresh market bunches. Jeremi will continue to design seasonal arrangements in our floral design studio at our Dundee Hills farm as he has been since 2018.
As our business grows, we have come to a place where we cannot continue to operate effectively out of such a small storefront. After much consideration, we have decided to move our retail flower shop online/over the phone. We are excited to be developing a new online shop where folks can order our blooms for wine country events and for delivery in Newberg & Dundee. In addition, we have set up a new phone number that goes directly to the studio.
This year, we began selling some of our blooms at the Portland Wholesale Flower Market and we’re excited to be expanding our unique wholesale offerings to Portland area florists and designers as we move forward.
We have LOVED the opportunity to meet so many folks who have stopped into our shop over the past two years. We are grateful for the opportunity to use the shop space to stand up for the local minority youth and local government accountability. We will continue working hard for a more equitable community.
A giant thank you to all. There are so many wonderful humans in wine country and we look forward to many more seasons designing + growing blooms for y’all. Much love from Team Pollinate. 💕
How many more will we accept, America? 💔

#endgunviolence #thisisnotokay #bethechange
FARM TOURS ARE BACK for 2022!! 🎉

After a two year break, we are inviting you back into the garden for an educational tour about regenerative gardening/farming practices! Spend a Sunday morning in the Dundee Hills and learn some tips for success in your own gardens. 🌿

Tours are every other Sunday morning and tickets are available on our website. 🎟

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Contact us to order flowers for your summer wine country events!! Jeremi would love to design some flower magic for you. Email hello@pollinateflowers.com or give us a call at the shop! 💛

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Flower daddy wants you to VOTE!! 💜

Oregonians have until 8pm tomorrow (Tuesday, May 17th) to return our ballots. ✔️

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